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TMT Moto Travel (Trainings - Moto - Tours) is an official BMW Motorrad touring partner. TMT Moto Travel tour guides and instructors meet the highest BMW Standards and are certified by BMW Motorrad International Tour Guide Academy (ITA) and the International Instructor Academy (IIA ).

TMT Moto Travel (Trainings - Moto - Tours) is located in Taiwan, you can enjoy the BMW Motorrad tours in incredible Taiwan. Just a single afternoon, you can travel from rugged collective cliffs through a maze of subtropical forested canyons to high elevation sub- Alpine coniferous forests. We are specialized in tours and trainings in beautiful Taiwan island and working with the official BMW Motorrad touring partners worldwide. TMT Moto Travel have the knowledge and experience to travel everywhere in the world, we offer guided on-/off-road Tours and run on-/off-road trainings worldwide.

MAKE LIFE A RIDE. Travel is our passion, TMT Moto Travel are happy to share our experience w
ith you, and offer trainings to make you more enjoy riding and protecting your own safety, or you will be prepared for your own trip on the motorbike. Join our riding, training, you will learn professional riding skills and how to solve technical problems on a trip. Tours and trainings are the important part of our business, We're excited to welcome you to join TMT Moto Travel BMW Motorrad tours in Taiwan And professional riding, training.

Enjoy traveling with TMT Moto Travel tour guides in beautiful Taiwan. Safety and perfect organization are our major topics.